8 Simple Acts of Chivalry to Impress Your Date

So, you’re on the dating scene and you want to give a good account for yourself, don’t you? There’s one simple trait that all women secretly desire… chivalry! It’s a simple concept and at its most basic level, is just being courteous and respectful to women. Being able to display this characteristic is through some simple acts of chivalry. It’s a sure-fire way to impress your date. Read on to find out how!

What is Chivalry?

Chivalry actually dates back to the Middle Ages and was a standard of behavior to be adhered to by knights. The code of chivalry emphasized bravery, military skill, generosity in victory, piety, and courtesy to women.

Fast forward to today and chivalry or the acts of chivalry are, more often than not, a reference to how men should treat women in a courteous manner.

How to impress your date with 8 simple acts of chivalry

Here are my 8 acts of chivalry that you can do, almost without thought, and she’s guaranteed to be impressed…

1. Holding a door open for her

This opportunity is likely to arise on most dates, whether it’s the door to a restaurant or a cab door, it’s a really easy one to be instantly more chivalrous.

2. Sharing your umbrella

Ok, so it won’t always rain on your date and it’s highly likely that she’ll have her own umbrella if it is wet but in any case, offer her to come under yours too. Not only does it show your chivalrous nature, it also brings you closer together physically as she’ll probably link arms with you too.

3. Standing up to greet her

I always advise arriving early for a date. As you’re there before her it’s very likely you’ll have taken a seat already. When she does arrive, don’t just wave her over, be a man and walk over to greet her. She’ll feel more welcome this way.

4. Complimenting her appearance

This is gentlemen 101, women like compliments, they don’t always know how to take them but they do like receiving them. Once you’ve stood up to greet her, tell her how nice she looks, and be specific. If her hair looks great then say so, if she’s wearing a nice dress then tell her how amazing it looks on her.

5. Pulling out her chair for her

This is more restricted to a sit-down meal, and if you’re eating in a decent restaurant then the waiter could steal your thunder here. However, if you take charge when arriving at your table and stand behind a chair ready to pull it out, the waiter will notice and not attempt to do the same.

6. Letting her order first at dinner

In the early stages of dating always offer to her to make the order first. What I tend to do later on is to ask her what she wants and then order for her. Not all women like this which is why it’s not a good idea early on but it’s definitely something to bring in later down the line.

7. Walking on the outside of the sidewalk

If you’re walking down the street with your date then always take the outside. Women like to feel protected and walking close to the traffic isn’t going to be doing that for her. Also, if it’s wet, you’ll be the one taking any puddled water that happens to be splashed up by passing cars.

8. Walking her to her car (or her door if sharing a cab)

As your date draws to a close it’s important to make sure she gets home safe. Whether that means walking her to her car, the bus or metro stop or you walking her to the front door if you share a cab ride home, chivalry is all about being courteous and putting women first.

There you have it, 8 simple acts of chivalry to impress your date. In fact, don’t restrict these acts of kindness to just your dates, treat all women in this way and you’ll be considered a much nicer person all round.

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