The Best Pick Up Lines Ever Heard

Hello fellow daters and boy do I have a treat in store today! Ever wondered how to approach a beautiful half naked woman and not be laughed away? Well, it just so happens that the girls over at Bad Bunny have pretty much heard them all and are being kind enough to share the 3 best pick up lines ever heard by their strippers!

The Best Pick Up Lines Ever Heard By A Stripper

The Strippers at Bad Bunny confesses the best pickup lines they have ever heard

Okay guys, as you can imagine, being a stripper we have some very interesting nights to say the least, and most of those night include at least half the guys trying to hit on us. Now most of these attempts they fail….and fail hard, but don’t feel too bad guys there is always a few shining lights that come through with some witty line or charm, that’s why the girls at Bad Bunny have decided to confess the 3 best pickup lines they have ever heard….get your note pads ready boys these you don’t want to miss.

Dizzy Heights

1. I was doing just your run of the mill show at a bachelor party with a few other girls when one of the party guest came over and said “gosh your tall, is the air fresher up there?” now to put this into context I am over 6 foot with heels on, and that pickup line was hell of a lot better than “do you play basketball”…….yes I know it wasn’t anything special but it made me laugh, never heard it before and the guy was really sweet

Let me dance for YOU

2. I was topless waiting at a boat party one sunny afternoon, it was packed fully of guys and girls and had an awesome vibe………I was going around offering lap dances for different guest, when one of the party goers I asked said nah F@#^ that I’ll give you a dance, that’s when he placed me down and gave the most uninspiring male lap dance ever. Non the less it had me in stitches, plus what guy has the balls to do that, I defiantly gave him my number.

Errr… Hi?

3. Now normally whenever any guy drops a pickup line on me I just roll my eyes and keep on moving but one time when I was filling in on a strip club job, this one guys said “ hi” yep believe it or not the best pick up line I have ever heard on the job is Hi. Now it wasn’t that word that did it for me (not like ever guy that says hi to me I am going to fall head over heels for) but more the way he said it, can’t really put my finger on it but it was full of confidence which filled me with confidence. So yeah I chatted to him for like 20 minutes and needed up giving him my number.

Okay guys based on these 3 different stories from some of our Bad Bunnies experiences there are a few critical elements that are needed in order to impress a professional dancer.


If you’re not funny or can’t at least bring some fun and amusement into a girl’s life keep moving. Oh and it’s not like we expect you to be Kevin Hart, have you seen the shit us girls laugh at……….the bar isn’t set very high fellas.

Be Unexpected

Us bunnies have seen it all……I mean ALL of it, so don’t expect us to be impressed when you come round with the same half-hearted story or approach like every other guy. Be a little creative, think outside the box and you will defiantly get our attention.


The third element to success with a Bad Bunny is confidence, like the 3rd story highlighted it’s not always what you say but how you say it. Oh and when we say confidence don’t get it confused with money, success or whatever external thing makes you feel like a man………..all girls, not just these Bunnies want true inner confidence, anything else just won’t do.

We hope this article has helped you, next time we are out on the job we expect a lot more charming men 😉

Well there you have it… the next time you find yourself in front of a stripper don’t go fooling around trying to be clever and you might just land yourself an unexpected date.

Happy Dating,

The Frequent Dater

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