How To Seduce An OnlyFans Girl!

Seducing an Onlyfans Girl! Can It Be Done?

Girls who operate Onlyfans accounts are some of the badest women on the planet. And it only makes sense that you would like to date one. Fortunately, you have been reading the frequent dater, and picking up girls is really all the same! Women have a universal attraction to traits of men so it really isn’t hard to attract an Onlyfans girl if you have your sh@#t together.

This leads us to the question, how do you meet Onlyfans girls? That part is a little more tricky. For this article, we sought out insight from the top Onlyfans creators, on how and where you could potentially meet and seduce them.

Not on Onlyfans?

The first thing to note is you have zero chance of seducing an Onlyfans girl on the Onlyfans platform. This is their place of work, the exchanges there are purely transactional. It’s super important to remember this as girls on these platforms will often tell you what you want to hear. This can be disappointing, but any fantasy of actually meeting her and eventually dating is just not realistic so just don’t try.

If not Onlyfans where?

As we mentioned an Onlyfans girl is just like any other girl! You can expect to find her occasionally out with friends, working, studying, or just chilling with family. As this article is all about seduction, here are 3 places where you can meet an Onlyfans girl and potentially spark something up.

The Gym

Girls who operate Onlyfans accounts are often at the gym. Not only do they like to keep in shape, but a workout also helps them de-stress. Often you can meet creators and other social media models at your city’s top gym.  these girls have money to spend and a luxury gym membership is just a minor business expense for them.

Now we are not saying go signup to the gym and just start hitting on the girls! That would be beyond unsocially calibrated and you probably need to go back and read some of our other articles. Ideally, you go to the gym genuinely, with a focus on improving your health. Over time you will become recognised as a regular by other members. This includes any pretty ladies! This is turning you from some stranger to the gym guy, kinda like a cold lead going warm.

Boxing Classes

Much like going to the gym, boxing classes are filled with Onlyfans and Instagram models! If you don’t like lifting weights and prefer cardio fitness, boxing classes are the answer. Just like the gym tho it’s important to not go there with just the intention of meeting women. This will most likely end in worst results than at a regular gym.

General fitness boxing classes are extremely social. With everyone getting to know each other in a fun and positive environment. Attend classes and it won’t be long till you’re working the pads with some beauty, building attraction with each masculine punch you throw.

Private parties

Meeting the top Onlyfans creators requires a level of personal access. This means knowing the right people. Often girls in the industry have a small circle of friends, skipping Saturday nights at the club and going to more exclusive parties. In order to get access to these parties, you need friends in this industry.

Now you could become BFF with some hung porn stars but often the guys behind the scenes are a little more accessible. Photographers and videographers work directly with Onlyfans creators and it’s usually these guys who build friendships with these girls. If you can become homies with these guys you will have direct access to the hottest Instagram and OF girls.


As mentioned it’s easy to seduce an Onlyfans girl, just be a guy with purpose who has his shit together. The hard part is meeting them. If you follow the above advice you will definitely increase your chances. One trend to notice is that these types of girls don’t like guys throwing themself at them. Think about it, it’s common for men to drool over them. Be that cool guy who is friendly, but holds back pursuing too hard too early. This is the common approach for most men and it will only scare her away.

Luckily you will be too busy throwing combos, lifting weights, or learning photography to be fully absorbed by any girl 😉

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