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Third Date Ideas To Seal The Deal

Coming up with third date ideas can be very tricky especially if you have already pulled all the stops for the first and second date! There is an unspoken expectation that you have to be creative and come up with a new idea for the third date otherwise you will be seen as a boring guy.

However, you need not fret too much about this, deciding on where to go or what to do for the third date becomes easy when you understand what you need to achieve at this stage. The third date is the make or break date, this date will determine whether you go on to date this person or you just become friends and you find yourself in the dreaded friend zone. This is where you need to seal the deal. Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves, by sealing the deal here I am referring to getting that first kiss (which you may have got on date number 2 if you played your cards right!).

If you have made it this far to be thinking about a third date, rejoice because that means there is a genuine interest towards you from her, and you can go all the way if you play your cards right. By now you already know a few things about your date and you have an idea of what to bring up in conversations and how to steer these conversations favorably. You already have an idea of some of the things she likes and likes to do so new options are on the cards for a lovely time out with her doing what she loves. For the third date, two things are key and you must have them at the back of your mind when deciding on where to go or what to do. First is that you need to decide on something or somewhere that is fun for the both of you need to decide on a place where the ambiance is relaxing and offers some sense of privacy for you to get somewhat intimate with her.


These are some of the best ideas that you should probably consider for your third date:

Take Her To The Movies

For the first and second dates, going to the movies is not a very good idea because there is so much you need to talk about at that stage and you can’t do that and watch a movie at the same time. But for the third date, you already have a good amount of information about each other and you can just relax and watch a movie you both will enjoy. And what’s to say you don’t cuddle up in the darkness of the cinema room while at it.

Dinner At Your Place

This is one of the best ideas for a third date. At this stage, she should be comfortable enough with you to spend time at your residence where you treat her to a lovely homemade dish. If you make it comfortable enough you can even get your first kiss here.

Go Dancing

Obviously, this date can’t happen if either of you is not very big on dancing. But in the event that you are, this is an excellent choice for your third date. It is a fun activity and it offers a sense of privacy even if it is in a club where there are a lot of other people dancing. Nobody pays direct attention to any other person here outside of their dance partners so you can have a very fun and intimate experience.

The list of the things you can do for the third date cannot be exhausted by one post and not a single cap fits all as we can’t all be the same. But the three I have mentioned above are some of my favorite. Some other ideas you may want to explore are:

  • Go see a play together
  • Go to art showings and galleries
  • Go to theme parks

The list goes on and on. Just try to be creative and surprise her with something that relates to something she probably just mentioned casually when you were on your first and second dates. She will fall deeper for you because it shows you were actually listening to her when she talked. So go out there and have fun on your third date and don’t forget to check out my third date tips to make her want you more!

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Happy Dating,

The Frequent Dater

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